The 3rd Annual Franchise Frenzy is underway
Vote for your favorite brands today!

See which franchises were selected for this year's frenzy

Using a randomizer on the franchisor members of the IFA, we selected 64 franchises in the running for this year's Franchise Frenzy.

Check out the voting times for each round of the frenzy

Mirroring the progression of March Madness, voting for each round will open and close on certain dates. Be sure to bookmark this site and follow us on Facebook and Twitter for the latest updates.

Covet The Prize

The four participating franchises that make the “frantastic four” will win an office lunch for up to 20 people and the lucky winner will take home the 2nd annual Franchise Frenzy trophy and the GLORY of declaring themselves the National Franchise Frenzy Champion!


Overview of the Franchise Frenzy

For those of you new to the game, the Franchise Frenzy is an annual online competition hosted by 919 Marketing Company.   In honor of March Madness, 64 IFA franchisors, selected by randomizer, will go head to head each week in a tournament format similar to the NCAA college basketball tournament.   “Teams” will advance each round based on the amount of votes they receive from other IFA members who fill out their brackets each week.

Here’s the catch – the four participating franchises that make our “frantastic four” will win a corporate lunch for up to 20 people and the lucky winner will take home bragging rights and a trophy they can display with pride!

So, get out there and inspire your employees, business partners, friends and family to get voting today!   Track the action throughout on our Facebook and Twitter pages and be sure to stay up to date on the schedule (see below):

Round 1 (votes will be accepted March 11 - March 14)

Round 2 (votes will be accepted March 15 - March 20)

Sweet 16 (votes will be accepted March 21 - March 26)

Elite 8 (votes will be accepted March 27 - April 1)

Frantastic Four  (votes will be accepted April 2 - April 4)

Championship Game (votes will be accepted April 5 - April 9)

It’s March Madness Baby – Let’s have some fun!


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